There’s nothing more critical for A.P.P, compared to providing our clients with the best investigation services. Since each investigation is essential, we do our best to provide the highest quality service irrespective of the situation. Whether it is about asset tracing, covering corporate espionage or undercover work in retail outlets, our private agent has proven themselves to be an industry pioneer.

Our clients know they can depend on us with confidential, sensitive issues and expect solutions that operate without complicating tasks. We have a global network of investigators who could be summoned instantly, and contribute their diversity and expertise, provide exceptional insight and focus for each investigation. Our affiliations with the state, nationwide, and international associations and areas enhances our ability to ensure comprehensive, competent investigations.

Our researchers help organizations run internal investigations or to examine contentions of all wrongdoing. We use stakeholders, to mitigate factors damaging their standing, interrupting their company operations and assist in reducing possible civil, criminal and regulatory obligations. Our local private investigators have helped customers successfully resolve issues with nominal company disturbances in London and across the UK.

If you think you will need the assistance of a private investigator, then you’re probably experiencing a critical company or personal issue that requires specialist help. Our detective agency works to discover the info and evidence you want to safeguard yourself, your family or your company.

A.P.P has private investigators and tracing agents ready 24/7 in all UK. Each of our specialist private investigators is accredited and has extensive expertise in the fields of infidelity investigations, background checks, employee verifications and more. They are trained to comply with the law and provide advice regarding your situation. They never hide facts and always describe what they can and cannot do to help your position.

The private investigators we employ are law enforcement and military staff that are specialists at finding and giving you the proof you need. Our team has an extensive quantity of experience in reporting methods, in addition to investigative law, such as litigation difficulties, infidelity investigations, and surveillance.

We can benefit you in countless ways!

Our staff is dedicated to helping you discover the information that you want to establish a legal scenario, locate a lost person or handle different issues you are facing. Some of the available specific services include data regarding

Divorce Cases

Divorce for many couples is inevitable. However, it may leave a path of complete devastation in its course. In many cases, children are the causalities of divorce, neglected, caught in the centre and even used as pawns by bitter parents. We can assist through this troubling time by gathering the information necessary to help you retain full custody if that’s your wish.

Catching Your Cheating Spouse

There is infinite research out there that have proven that when a woman feels as though her lover is cheating, they are right 80% of the moment. For men, they are also correct, 50% of their time. If you suspect that the one that you love is cheating, and you also would like to understand the fact, you can depend on Fast Guard to find it. We provide discreet yet powerful solutions to help you to get the answers you need.

Missing person

Has your teen gone missing? While a few might not have vanished on their own accord, the main point is that they we need to find them. The more that you wait to attempt to pursue finding your kid, the less likely they could ever return safely or without suffering any harm. Our detective services will be able to help you find out exactly what happened to your teenager and help you restore your family.

Fraud investigations

Our team of detectives isn’t everything you see in the films. But we have the expertise and know-how to obtain the information that’s needed for your specific circumstance. Our strategies are more discreet and always professional, and provides you with the results you wanted.

What’s most significant in the above cases, and more we entertain is that we all take the necessary actions to make sure that our searches are thorough, so you find the solution you’re seeking. Our professional provide routine updates regarding the things and events we have seen and reevaluate the strategy needed to ensure the results are obtained as speedily as possible.

No matter if you’re confronting a custody scenario, divorce, runaway teenager, or needing to take care of cell phone and personal computer forensics, we make it our mission to collect and organize all of the facts and data, to disclose the truth in your particular circumstance.

We know that if you employ a private investigator, it is because you are seeking answers. While we go about our task to assist you in finding these answers, we will continue to keep the info and our attempts quiet. We remain professional, unobtrusive and honest through the procedure, ensuring the outcomes of what we find exceed your expectations. You can have confidence that we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you get the responses you will need to go on with your daily life.

We offer support for you and your scenario throughout the services. If you are uncertain of how to start, all you need to do is give us a call at 020 70784191. We can examine your situation and create a customized strategy of assault and plan to assist you in getting the answers you desire and need.