A.P.P private chauffeur service is the perfect option for both leisure and business travellers who favour their city transportation sorted beforehand. When travelling to unknown destinations, you can be sure to be greeted by professional, immaculately dressed motorists at your pickup point, and chauffeured with absolute comfort and ease to a destination of choice.

If you are a top-ranking official, a wealthy industrialist, a CEO, a person moving precious resources, a star, or anyone for whom a high level of security might be a requirement, our VIP chauffeur service is the best option.

All our chauffeurs undergo a thorough and extensive background check before they’re hired. Also, they have the necessary qualifications and training to ensure your safety during the entire travel experience. Moreover, all drivers are current with professional advancement certifications and are well versed in defensive driving. They also have the necessary evasive maneuvering required to manage potentially unsafe situations.

Our drivers are expertly trained and proficient in advanced driving techniques and also possess extensive experience behind the wheel. The majority of our drivers have been ex-law authorities and ex-army personnel having the experience driving in some of the most hazardous conditions, such as expertly navigating extreme weather, battle zones, and high energy circumstances.

At A.P.P, our experienced drivers can coordinate with the client’s executive assistant to plan for secure travel. They could perform safety improvements at any local destinations, including resorts, businesses, homes, and events. Cutting-edge technology keeps our drivers connected to essential route info and out of the city in actual time, optimizing security and minimizing risks during the daily commute as well as personal travelling.

Our elite group of security motorists undergoes a constant evaluation of all kinds and knows how to act in any possible danger or decisive action when a threat is detected.

Our Advantages

Personal safety drivers have been in existence for a very long time; however, it is just in the past few decades that they have gained popularity in large cities across the globe. In earlier times, only the wealthy and famous would employ a personal security driver, but today, you do not need to be a VIP to speculate such kind of security. Anyone can hire these skilled staff at any opportunity to help, organize an event, or even book a ride to the airport.  Folks are attracted to them since they make transport more comfortable, and offer additional levels of comfort. They provide advantages such as.


Safety drivers are qualified professionals proficient in hospitality and active city driving. They are expert tour guides, prepared to operate with complicated itineraries and are flexible to accommodate schedules when required. Security drivers also undergo courses s to prepare them for client protection on and off the street. This training makes them the perfect advantage for any hazardous circumstance.


Security drivers give their customers peace of mind. Once you put them on board, then you should be able to settle back and relax, knowing your chosen driver will make certain you reach your destination in one piece. They’re trained professional drivers who have plans to keep disruptions and distractions from your way.

They are aware of the unwanted obstacles that could impede your journey. The drivers also plan the journey before you get in the car to your destination to ensure you reach the destination on time. Safety drivers understand how to avoid traffic, and to navigate busy streets to locate the very best route for your destination.


With the help of satellite traffic tracking programs, Chauffeur services remain updated with no changes in the street like construction, accidents, occasion traffic and more. They use these tools to help the customer get to their destination as quickly as possible.


A safety driver will eliminate the stress of finding scarce parking areas. Anyone that drives knows the frustration which tends to manifest whenever you are made to circle the block for several minutes to look for a workable parking spot. A safety driver makes all that unnecessary. Once they drop you to your destination, you can simply jump from the car and proceed to the location, leaving them to be worried about the parking issue.

Allows you to drink

Should you enjoy drinking, but worried about driving? If so, you will appreciate the convenience of a safety driver. Due to the dangers associated with driving and drinking, obtaining a security driver makes nightlife transport easy. Get to and from special events, dinner parties, and extended business meetings along with your personal security chauffeur.

Above benefits seems exciting, and why they shouldn’t! Our VIP chauffeur services offer and peace of mind to clients, and get you to your destination without any hassle. Book a ride today with our executive driver and feel the difference.