Make sure your employees are not overwhelmed with the enormous responsibility of responding to any potentially harmful incidents at your business premises out-of-hours. At A.P.P, we provide specially trained, fully accredited safety officers to execute lots of bespoke security solutions while holding your keys, such as mobile patrolling, quick alert response, unlocking and locking solutions, to ensure your site is entirely safe and secure.

Our professionals will safeguard a set of your keys — unmarked and secure — ready to react to any alarm activation at your business premises. You can rest assured that your keys have been looked after according to industry keyholding standard and best practices. If you lose your keys, we’re just a call away from assisting you back into your office.

Our keyholding service allows entrepreneurs to have peace of mind by eliminating any liabilities arising from placing staff in potentially dangerous working conditions, and ensuring that they are not inconvenienced by out-of-hours calls at the middle of the night.

Rapid Alarm Response

We also offer a proactive, fast, reliable, and professional response to all your intruder alarm activations, via our team of rapid response units across the UK. On arrival, we will assess your premises, quickly identify the main reason for the alarm, handle the circumstance, and where possible, reset the alert system.

In the event the need arises, we can organize police presence and co-ordination of repair and lock changing contractors as necessary. We can also arrange manned guarding in case of a severe incident. Following the event, we also offer a comprehensive report of all the activities our security staff have obtained in your premises.

Our rapid alarm system can be tailored just to the requirements of your enterprise. We will always keep you in the loop regarding all activities completed by our security team on your company premises. The alarm system in the protected premises is directly connected to a monitoring facility, which registers all alarm conditions sent to it.

Among the main details of the alarm monitoring process is the timely access given to the emergency responding agencies from the holder. Frequently this may donate to the speedy settlement of the alarm condition and can potentially lessen the damage.

It should be remembered that there isn’t any personal threat to the person assigned to this job, because the key holder is not responding; instead, they are coordinating with the government!

Why use A.P.P?

Why should you choose us? Just ask our clients! They’ll testify that we consistently go the additional mile to provide simple, hassle-free and productive solutions that offer real value for the money and total peace of mind. Through our resources and our extensive network across the UK, we’re able to provide you with a centrally managed option to each of your keyholding and security needs.

For the company to run smoothly, there is nothing more vital than dependable security. At A.P.P, we’re delighted to offer you our affordable key holding and alarm response solution to alleviate the pressure of key holders inside your business. With our efficient service and rapid alarm response, you can be sure that we will provide a trusted solution, to any alert call and will look after the complete safety of your premises.

Without proper alarm solutions, you’re leaving your business premises open to a crime that will not only leave you out of pocket but also pose a risk to your staff. Our intruder alert system acts as a visible deterrent to possible intruders and criminals looking to harm your business. We can work as a keyholder offering a rapid mobile response in the event your intruder alarm is activated.

Upon signal of an intruder alert activation, our call centre will dispatch a team of professionals to your premises to handle the situation and inquire for its reasons. A complete check of the site is going to be conducted, and if the alarm is confirmed as false, our officer will reset your alarm system and re-secure the assumptions.

Should the alarm activation become a real break-in, we will initiate a series of pre-agreed escalation processes such as calling emergency customer keyholders, notifying the authorities and arranging a boarding up team to ensure the safety of premises.

A.P.P have successfully provided Keyholding and Alarm Response Security Services since our inception to businesses and homeowners.  Working in combination with our own 24/7 Alarm and Video Receiving Centre, we specialize in providing a complete alarm response services across the UK. The response service can be connected to any device capable of sending a signal out, if that’s your Intruder Alarm, Panic Alarm, Fire Alarm, or perhaps responding to events caught in your tracked CCTV system.

Alleviate the stress of selecting key holders inside your organization now and deploy A.P.P key holding services and alert response to ensure your company isn’t the victim of unnecessary crime.